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What is speakhub?

A platform designed specifically for audio content. With speakhub, listen to your favorite hosts, trending topics or discover your next favorite creator. Available on web, your phone and soon on smart speakers. Try it, It's simple :)


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Cut the clutter! Millions of podcasts and episodes organized in a neat and easy to navigate design.

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Automatic episode updates, curated content lists and a daily feed so that you spend less time searching for content


Recommendations that get better over time as it learns from your listen history. Discover hidden gems that will become your next favorite.

Getting Started


Discover from over 10 million episodes and shows and over 15000 audiobooks.
Organized in a easy to browse category and country filters, so you search less and listen more.


Subscribe to your favorite podcast channels or add audiobooks to your subscriptions.
They are included in your plan and you can have as many subscriptions as you like.


Feed is your personalized playlist that is updated automatically with the latest episodes
from all your subscribed channels.
Feed is easily accessible from throughout the app so you never miss an episode from the creators you love.


Personalized recommendations to help you discover new and exiting content. They are based on your listening history, your subscriptions and on what's trending currently. Recommendations get better over time as the system learns more about your preferences.

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All paid plans are free until 31st October! No credit card required

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Browse and Discover

$0/ mo
$0/ yr
  • Millions of podcasts
  • Over 15k audiobooks
  • 10 Subscriptions to organize your content
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Personalize your experience

$3/ mo
$30/ yr
  • Millions of Podcasts
  • Over 15k audiobooks
  • Unlimited subscriptions to organize your content
  • Personalized Recommendations
  • Daily feed with latest episodes from your subscriptions
  • Smart speaker Integration
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Employee learning and development

$7/ mo
$70/ yr
  • Everything in pro plus
  • Custom feeds for your employees or users
  • Individual learning goals for employees
  • Analytics and admin dashboard
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What listeners of speakhub say

Thankyou you are amazing! Now to find some romance books for mum as the library is shut.
Very cool, will try this with my kids.
You are my hero! I have Alexa read my Kindle e-books to me, but am running out of free stuff. I've wished I could do something with my Google home so I'd have another source.
Early adopters via reddit

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